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Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 8512 ratings )
Social Networking Games Adventure Role Playing
Developer: Lockwood Publishing
Current version: 1.19.2, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 10 Dec 2013
App size: 284.85 Mb

The amazing virtual world where you can become the person you always wanted to be! Browse thousands of clothing items from amazing fashionable brands to create your perfect look. Explore incredible locations and chat with millions of players from all around the world! Hang out in your customisable apartment where you can relax with friends, or simply enjoy the company of your very own virtual pet. Join up now, and invite your friends to explore the ever-growing virtual 3D world of AVAKIN LIFE!

Create your ideal 3D avatar. Go cute or crazy - choose your favorite style and become the person you always wanted to be in your wildest dreams!

Express yourself with awesome Avakin clothing brands and accessories. Browse through hundreds of fabulous items and fill your closet with stylish outfits. Dress up (or down), play with your style and amaze others with your sense of fashion. Shop for dresses, shoes, skirts, bags, jewelry and millions of other clothing items and accessories. Change your hairstyles or even get a tattoo!

Meet millions of people from all over the world. Show off your perfect outfits and get advice on the newest trends, best styles, and clothes from your friends. Compete with hundreds of other players or explore all the amazing brands and outfits together! Make pictures of your avatar and share them on Facebook to win special prizes!

Design and build your perfect apartment. Decorate it however you want - modern, classic, or Hollywood style – whatever suits your mood or the latest fashion trends.

Avakin Life is an extraordinary 3D world where you can become the person you always wanted to be. Choose your look, clothes and accessories. Become a fashion star or a model. Meet new amazing friends and be the center of attention. Discover new awesome brands, dress up, and shop for stylish outfits. Explore the beautifully designed locations and dive into the amazing world of Avakin Life NOW!

Avakin Life offers:

• Free to play 3D chat and message

• Freedom to move, explore and emote in a 3D world

• Meet with friends old and new

• Create, design and customize your apartment with furniture and décor

• Be social and message with friends in your apartment or theirs

• Ratings and rankings for the best apartments

• Regular updates to expand the environments, furniture & animations available

AND includes all your favorite Avakin features:

• One account shared across multiple apps

• Inbuilt messaging, profiles, friends and challenges from your dashboard

Download Avakin Life now and join the millions of people who are already apart of this ever-growing beautiful virtual 3D world! Its time to be social! Meet new people, chat and message friends with Avakin Life!

Lockwood Publishing would love to hear your suggestions & feedback on how to improve our 3D Virtual World plus Avatar Creator and Messenger App! Please continue to send questions, suggestions and ideas to Visit us at

Pros and cons of Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World app for iPhone and iPad

Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World app good for

Génial! Jeu addictif! Seul bémol, pas beaucoup de français y jouent, plus des anglais.
I/We need the new update for iOS plsss.... We need more clothes too.
PLEASE add more levels because you get really bored when your on the highest level. I also have a question, how come when you sign up for the game (I got the game on my tablet) it says you need to be 17+ but on when I got the game on my iPod it says 12+? Please answer my question, my username is Kelly Goldmenn.
Hi I love this game but I cant stop crashing can some1 fix it plz! :)
A lot of different things to do like customize your house and character. Please add more actions and Maybe jobs to earn money.
This app is a great chat room game, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try out this genre. It allows you to explore freely, along with create your own unique style. Its very fine, and I enjoy playing it. The only problem, is it glitches on my iPad, and even crashes, but thats uncommon most times. Definitely play!

Some bad moments

This game sucks cause my account got suspended and plus i didnt something bad and it bug
Mi crashaaaaaaaa curate sto problemi se no riceverete ancora recensioni bruttr
This game is absolutely amazing but, most likely for 17+ because of the things people say, have, Nah Im not gonna say that word, to inappropriate for the readers at home. People also intend to go out in panties, bra and boxers. Also, this would be my favorite game if you fixed all the bugs? 1. Crashes when I join a social spot. 2. Loads very slow. 3.When ever I type something, my keys press slowly. My 1 to 10 rating- 9/10 Do your best, trolls, jk anyway, AWESOME UPDATE BAD Update!! I can only do one thing before it crashes. I said fix the bugs!:( I cant say anything else, because I dont know anything else, because of how much it crashes. New rating: 2/10 Sorry:( UPDATE 2(1/2) This isnt really an actual update, Im just asking if youre working on the next update? Thanks! Also, no 1 to 10 rating because this is just a question.:) Thanks for reading this very short paragraph!(Still a 3 star rating till next update.)
Ok this problem has gotten to the point to where I cant join an scene! I have been trying for the past 30 minutes. The only thing my game is letting me do is shop, like seriously fix it for our own sake!
This game is by far the best game Ive played I am just upset that this morning was just like every other morning and I got on Avakin Life and it lost my account
I dont really like it anymore since it started lagging and it even sometimes does not let me on my game

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